Water Features

Your home and yard should be a place of escape and relaxation. Water features historically have been found in the gardens and surroundings of exemplar architectural sites. Incorporating a water feature into your landscape will give you just the right sights and sounds to fill that need. Features such as fountains, pools, cascades, waterfalls, and streams are all options that can be added to your landscape and garden.


No waste or worry. Our self-contained systems will allow you to say that you conserve. This is especially important in Utah, as our desert landscape necessitates responsible water usage. A pump-less water feature will recycle water from a hidden reservoir, resulting in an eco-friendly, low-maintenance system. While your waters feature's visual and therapeutic impact will be noteworthy, it's environmental impact will not.

Water Feature/Pond Cleaning and Maintenance

In addition to superior landscape design and installation, Utah Landscaping and our team of architects is committed to keeping your water feature in pinnacle condition, long after our first visit. Utah gives us all four seasons throughout the year. We offer services to keep your water feature ahead of the changes in weather. System maintenance, cleaning, and any repair services in the advent of wear and tear are available.

Our commitment when installing a water feature is to incorporate the existing beauty of Utah, your home, and other landscape design features. Such a commitment allows us to take your yard and home to another level of beauty and curb appeal. A water feature can add value and peace of mind for years to come.

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