Sprinkler Systems

Any landscape layouts involving living plants will need an adequate and reliable water supply. This is especially important in Utah's arid climate. In our commitment to provide you with everything your landscape needs, we provide sprinkler system installation, maintenance and repair.


Throughout consultation, concept, and construction our landscape designers will keep technical sprinkler system requirements in mind. Their knowlenge and guidance will allow you to not only to implement the landscape features you want, but also have the correct sprinkler system in place to sustain them.

The phases of installation will be done effectively to allow your plant life to be adequately nourished from day one. Landscape designers will handle all of the more technical aspects of your system, including, but not limited to the following:

Our professionals with meet your customer needs while meeting the regulatory demands of your Utah municipality and community.


In addition to your initial sprinkler system installation, maintenance and warranty services will be available to you. These services maintain the longevity of your system, allowing for correct plant and grass growth. These services are available with a wide variety of other estate maintenance and warranty services, meaning all our services can be done in singular visits.


Our landscape professionals are also equipped to perform repairs in the unlikely situation. We will have the correct parts to replace and update systems as needed. From the beginning, our landscape designers understand sprinkler system line and head locations are important to the functionally and accessibility of your system. They will ensure that any repairs and maintenance work can be done with minimal impact to your landscape and curb appeal.

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