Planting Design & Install

At Utah Landscaping, we are concerned with the overall outcome and longevity of your landscape design. That being said, the details and process of planting design and installation are one of our top priorities. Your landscape design and installation experiences with Utah Landscaping will go far beyond merely getting plants in the ground.


During your consultation and design phases with our landscape designers, your ideas will be paired with landscape knowledge and best practices. Plant type and variation will be paired with your home's architecture, and other landscaping elements will be considered: paver patio stones, drystack walls, water features, and more.

Gardens and plantings can be used to achieve your functional and aesthetic landscaping design goals. For example, flowers and plants can be used to attract certain wildlife, such as humming birds. Trees and bushes can be used in sun screening, and privacy purposes. These wants and needs will be discussed with our design professionals.

Once your wants and needs are well understood and mapped, our professionals will ensure that environmental, structural longevity, and curb appeal considerations are met. These concerns may include sun/shade needs of selected plant life, as well as growth, root bed and seasonal needs.

Once technical and personal needs and wants are met, you are ready for a professional installation.


While plant installation may seem simple, our landscape design professionals are aware of every detail. Some of these details include the following:

These are some of the many items your landscape design professional will equate while giving you a project with longevity.

If you're looking for an exterior plant specialist in Utah, contact us today for a consultation and bid. Our landscape designers and team are standing by.