Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your landscaping both day and night with a well-designed lighting system. Lighting your home and landscaping will dramatically enhance their safety, security, and aesthetics. As par, our landscape designers can plan, implement, and maintain a landscape lighting system that fits the look of your home and landscape. Such a system will accent your architecture with a natural looking design.


Professionally and correctly lighting your home and landscape will benefit you in three ways. First, safety is improved with increased visibility to walkways, stairs, pools, hot tubs, grills, and other functional areas. This will allow you to enjoy your yard and home long after the sun goes down. Lighting gives you clearer views to all these mentioned areas of your yard and home, protecting children and adults alike.


Security is not only an added bonus, but a must in today's world. Lighting the exterior of you home will make your home inside and out. Motion sensor lighting and other lighting sources add a very real sense of comfort and peace of mind. Either home or away, you can rest assured that landscape lighting will deter would be buglers and the uninvited.

Our landscape professionals will correctly place landscape lighting to best protect vulnerable areas of your landscape and home. We also design our lighting systems to work well in all four Utah seasons.


Our landscape designers have a well-rounded idea of what looks good day and night. Lighting will be used to highlight and accent the visually pleasing features of your home: architecture, columns, bushes, shrubs, trees, other plants, and water features.

Our designers also understand the following lighting standards:

These aspects will be accurately used in your yard and landscaping to give you a landscape and home that can be enjoyed at any hour, day or night, by friends and family.

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