Drystack Walls

Landscaping is an effective way to enhance and highlight your home. A well-constructed drystack wall can dramatically change the utility and visual appeal of your whole yard. They can be a transition feature between your home and other landscape elements or a standalone structural focus.


Your drystack wall will be visually appealing, as it provides a good visual balance between positive and negative space, giving your newly constructed wall depth and originality. We offer a wide variety of stone types and sizes to perfectly complement the rest of your outdoor space. Our stone options allow you and your architectural designer to combine aesthetics and structural requirements. Drystack walls are especially popular in Utah as they mesh well with the natural desert environment.


A well-educated landscape designer will meet your aesthetic and functional requirements, in addition to ensuring longevity. Drystack walls allow for elevated planting and additional sitting areas in your yard or patio area. A drystack wall will also allow water, snow, and other elements to percolate all the way through your wall, benefitting your surrounding plants and the structural longevity of the wall.


Adding an all-natural element to your landscape will benefit you for years to come. Drystack facilitates drainage and can help with stagnant water. This is especially important in Utah where rainstorms are typically short, but intense. This allows soil beds and root systems to stay intact and long running. Also, the construction elements are recyclable and natural. In the advent of replacement or repair, all removed stone is reusable.

Drystack walls offer you a large range of options. They benefit you both aesthetically and functionally, giving your home and yard a transitional or focal point for years to come. Contact us today for a consultation with a landscape designer.