Boulder Retaining Walls

Kill two birds with one boulder. A well-constructed boulder retaining wall can facilitate structural needs and aesthetic appeal. Retaining walls are used to give structural support to large amounts of soil and steep grades, which is particularly important with Utah's mountainous landscape. These structural needs are often required to fulfill land and local Utah building codes.


Whether it be a structural requirement or just for aesthetics, retaining walls need to be structurally and soundly installed. This is a process involving several considerations. Depending on the height, a civil engineer may be needed.

Our team of landscape designers are trained to correctly handle some of the following elements:

These need to be systematically applied to your location. Our team will work to understand your wants and meet structural concerns.


Utah Landscaping provides a variety of stones and boulders for retaining wall construction. Landscape architects and designer will work with you to select a stone that will accent and incorporate other elements of your planned landscape design. We are known for our ability to use Utah's natural landscape in our work. Your visual and aesthetic vistas will reach far beyond your lot or yard.

Follow our link here to view some examples.