Belgard Paver Patios

No matter your inspiration, rustic, modern or contemporary, your patio material and service options are many with Utah Landscaping. A patio is an extension of the home, a place for relaxing and making memories with friends and family. Utah Landscaping Belgard paver patios and walkways are the perfect foundation for your outdoor space.


We will start with an eye-opening and customer-driven consultation. Onsite, you will be able to share your ideas and input with our patio and walkway professional. The vision of your patio's style and functionality will then be professionally guided and adjusted as needed. In this step, the latest landscaping design trends and techniques will be discussed.


Based on your consultation with a landscaping professional, we will begin to develop a plan for your patio or walkway. We will provide you with an overview of your project. We seek to have a well-developed understanding of what your envisioned patio or walkway will look like far before any ground is broken. Concept allows for any alterations or new ideas to be implemented prior to construction.


After you are satisfied and excited with your design, we will begin installation. Utah Landscaping will install your Belgard paver patio elements in a matter of hours or days based on the size of your project.

Utah Landscaping offers you a wide variety of Belgard paver patio materials, and is a leader in Utah Belgard patio providers. In the consult and concept phases, you'll be presented with a variety of material and style options that will allow you to correctly pair your overall landscape design with your chosen Belgard pavers. Belgard pavers allow for simple and affordable installation, resulting in a natural, structurally sound product that will last for years to come.