Architectural Design

Whether it coincides with the completion of your dream home or updating your existing yard, getting your landscaping right is essential. Architectural design is the first step in bridging your ideas and your home's landscape potential.

A professional landscape design connects home and environment, linking structure and nature. Our local Utah professionals establish landscape designs that are natural to the surrounding environment, fitting for your home's overall look, and allow for natural growth and simple up keep. Utah Landscaping balances these variables in one progressive process.

Design and Planning

Our local Utah professional landscape designers will open the door for turning your ideas into realities, requirements and possibilities of fully functional landscaping. The architectural design process is one of creativity and practicality. The end result is a well-planned landscape and outdoor living space for you and your loved ones.

Utah Landscaping architectural designs can include but are not limited to the following options:

Working with a landscaping architect will lend you the opportunity to design, review, and incorporate your wants and needs. Structural, environmental, functional, and visual aspects will all be taken into account. You will have the guidance to meet climate, privacy, and environmental concerns (e.g., proper plant spacing for long-term growth and correct element heights to provide privacy), while still meeting local Utah regulations.

Progress and expectations will be met with professionalism and creativity. All considerations will be taken into account, ranging from watering and drainage concerns aesthetics and visual design. Trust our Utah team to provide you with the fundamentals, guidance, and work ethic necessary to leave you happy with your architectural design—a road map for you home's landscaping.